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Deed of Gift: Gifts with Strings Attached
People often make gifts to others out of love, affection, appreciation, or for other noble reasons. When it comes to personal chattels, gifting is relatively straightforward and can be as simple as a handover. But what happens when the gift is a real property?
1 December 2023
The 9 ¾ Cafe Case and its Implications for IP Infringement in the Context of Themed Restaurants in Hong Kong
With the immense popularity of Hollywood blockbuster movies that are sweeping the globe, it is not surprising to see businesses attempting to attract and turn the massive fandoms into their own customer base by borrowing some of the well-liked characters, scenes and elements surrounding such movies.
1 December 2023
Unpacking the New Tax Concession Regime for Family-owned Investment Holding Vehicles (“FIHV”)
To heighten the attractiveness for family offices to establish a presence in Hong Kong, the Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Tax Concessions for Family-owned Investment Holding Vehicles) Ordinance 2023 (the “Amendment Ordinance”) came into operation in Hong Kong on 19 May 2023.
1 December 2023
Update on Family Law: An Introduction to the Family Procedure Ordinance (Cap. 646)
Gazetted on 30 June 2023, the Family Procedure Ordinance (Cap. 646) (“FPO”) is a much-anticipated relief to family practitioners in Hong Kong, who have been waiting for a set of consolidated and centralized procedural rules to family and matrimonial proceedings across the Family Court and the High Court since the presentation of the Final Report regarding the Review of Family Procedure Rules in May 2015, and the conclusion of the public consultation on the draft Bill in April 2022.
1 December 2023
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